Interoperability Land™

A Safe, Collaborative, Simulated Healthcare Environment Hosted in the AWS Cloud

Interoperability Land is a shared digital space that allows advanced interoperability testing and development across different organizations and systems through data visualization.

This unique application provides the ability to read and write using PatientGen™, a realistic synthetic healthcare test data generator designed to showcase new technology, promote standards (e.g. HL7 FHIR®), and accelerate interoperability.

This synthetic ecosystem allows healthcare organizations to:

• Safely design, develop and test healthcare apps and services with no risk of disclosing protected health information with reusable personas spanning the network like real patients’ interactions

• Demonstrate apps and services in an engaging and meaningful way using data visualization to reveal interoperability between systems

• Rigorously test and certify that applications meet standards, performance and scalability requirements

• Collaborate with other organizations to develop and test interoperable, standards-compliant solutions

• Host collaborative events to promote learning and standards-based technology adoption

• Deliver higher quality applications and services faster to market

For additional information, contact Matt Englehart, Senior Digital Services Product Manager.

Watch: Interoperability Land™