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Introducing new FHIR®-Pilot Interoperability Testbed

Low-cost turnkey sandbox for experimentation and testing that includes:

  • Pre-configured FHIR® server (ready to write programs and query!)
  • Realistic synthetic test data from PatientGen™
    • “Personas” with photos, life stories, full longitudinal records
    • Difficult to discern they are not real except phone exchange is “555”
    • Resembles clinical Protected Health Information but without legal risk
    • Can write to a FHIR®-PIT unlike other vendor sandboxes
    • Data can span enterprise like real patients’ interactions
    • Aligns with CMS view of coverage world
    • Can use for meaningful, realistic demonstrations
  • Easily accessible through beginner’s FHIR® programs
    • Numerous working code examples included
    • Have your own code working right away
    • All data easily “findable” as FHIR® resources
  • Learn, experiment, design, test in a safe environment
  • Unlimited testing and integration
  • Okay to give demonstrations using PIT data
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FHIR® Starter – Quality Reporting

  • Full FHIR® server (100% pre-configured, turn-key)
  • Pre-generated FHIR® resources which you can query and retrieve from your own FHIR® programs
    • A realistic healthcare network with Practitioners, Organizations, Locations, Roles & Endpoints
    • Patients with thousands of Encounters over a many-year period
    • Server can produce FHIR® Measure Reports for the following Measures:
      • Unhealthy Alcohol Use Screening and Follow-up (ASF)
      • Breast Cancer Screening (BCS)
      • CervicalCancer Screening (CCS)
      • ColorectalCancer Screening (COL)
      • Utilization of the PHQ-9 to Monitor Depression Symptoms for Adolescents and Adults (DMS)
      • Depression Remissionor Response for Adolescents and Adults (DRR)
      • Depression Screening and Follow-Up for Adolescents and Adults (DSF)
      • PneumococcalVaccinationStatus of Older Adults (PVS)

Quality FHIR® PIT™ Server

Leveraging Investment in Training

  • Capitalize on leadership and programmer FHIR® training
  • Join Velatura’s Pilot Interoperability Testbed (PIT)
  • Define use cases to explore and test
  • Extend training application of FHIR® and Quality

Interoperability Testbed Goals

  • After FHIR® training, an environment is needed to use what was learned
  • Additionally, a safe environment for interoperability testing is needed
  • Must be easy to use with hands-on experimentation
  • Accelerate learning curve and better retention from hands-on experience
  • Include realistic but safe test data from Patient Generator

Coming Soon…

icon check Additional FHIR® Starter Modules for Care Coordination and Public Health Reporting

For More Information: Velatura FHIR-PIT Overview