Provider Directory

Easily find and manage healthcare provider information

How much time could your organization save if you had access to accurate and current information on providers and health professionals and if your organization only had to manage and update information about your providers in one place?

Velatura Public Benefit Corporation’s (Velatura) Provider Directory collects and organizes current and accurate contact information on a wide variety of health professionals in a comprehensive, easily-accessible database, acting as a one-stop, virtual assistant to help hospitals, physician organizations, doctors, specialists, health plans, pharmacists, care coordinators, and social workers communicate easily regarding patients. Velatura’s Provider Directory uses the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management solution, Salesforce®, securely and reliably available globally 24/7 from any modern device.

Automating Communication

Traditionally there has been no standard way to manage and find information on health professionals such as demographics, contact information, organization affiliations, and electronic addresses for exchanging health information. This challenge has hindered the promise of electronic health records to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care.

Velatura’s Provider Directory offers an easily-accessible solution to efficiently import, reconcile and manage trustworthy provider information and to allow users to quickly find and contact providers and care team members. The directory’s flexible design easily supports the complex network of affiliations and organizational relationships in modern healthcare.

The Provider Directory is built on a highly scalable, secure environment that supports numerous health information use cases. Velatura additionally provides the expertise to help ensure data is refined as needed and that the cleanest possible data is achieved.

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Velatura is a subsidiary of Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services and the exclusive reseller for MiHIN products and services.