What We Do

The Velatura Public Benefit Corporation (Velatura) represents a highly experienced team of nationally recognized Health Information Technology (HIT) and Health Information Exchange (HIE) experts and senior consultants. Velatura is an industry leader in providing HIT and HIE consulting, development, implementation, and operations services in states across the nation. Our unique methodologies and solutions foster greater alignment between public and private sectors. We understand the industry big picture while focusing on delivering practical solutions to real problems. 

Velatura extends the Michigan Health Information Network’s (MiHIN) nationally recognized modular and scalable interoperability products and services for access and use outside of Michigan. We exclusively provide solutions to organizations needing the ability to interoperate and seamlessly share electronic information. Leveraging lessons learned in Michigan and a full decade of industry experienceVelatura serves a diverse and growing range of clients across the country. Learn about our Network & Partners.


Velatura strategically aligns and connects people, organizations, technology, ideas, and information to improve healthcare, simplify work and reduce costs. 

Offering market-driven solutions, as well as being the sole provider of MiHIN products and services, Velatura supports organizations in their mission to interoperate and streamline the sharing of pertinent electronic information. 


  • 2010: MiHIN is established as Michigan’s state designated HIE and quickly becomes a national leader in interoperability solutions 
  • 2016: Velatura LLC is established to extend MiHIN’s offerings outside of Michigan 
  • 2018: Velatura Public Benefit Corporation is launched to reflect Velatura’s mission beyond profit and commit the organization to high standards of purpose, accountability, and transparency 
  • 2020: Velatura Public Benefit Corporation expands to incorporate two distinct subsidiaries – The United States (US) Qualified Health Information Network (QHIN) and Velatura Services LLC 
  • 2021: Velatura announces the formation of the Velatura HIE Corporation, a not-for-profit organization that will offer affiliation and integration opportunities across the country 

Company Structure


Velatura Public Benefit Corporation 

The Velatura Public Benefit Corporation comprises three operating units—Velatura HIE Corporation, Velatura Services and USQHIN— which complement each other’s offerings and services to enhance the quality and efficacy of healthcare services across the country. 

Velatura Services LLC 

Velatura Services LLC creatively connects and aligns people, organizations, technology, ideas, and information to improve the way healthcare information is exchanged today through professional services and best in class technology solutions… Learn more> 

Velatura HIE Corporation 

The Velatura HIE Corporation is a consolidation of health information exchanges, community-based organizations, and health information networks that have formally affiliated to achieve national economies of scale yet maintain localized stakeholder alignment… Learn more>


USQHIN LLC is an alternative nationwide health information network, focused on rationalizing interstate data exchange at a national scale… Learn more>