Who We Serve

Medicaid / State Agencies

Velatura leverages years of experience working closely with Medicaid and other state agencies across the nation. Our use cases and services have been developed with the intention of improving information-sharing capabilities and achieving states’ public health goals and initiatives. Our expert staff help align requirements, tools, incentives, and standards between state agencies and the commercial ecosystem to improve population health and support a range of state-led programs. Our knowledge on federal trends, policies, and priorities allows Velatura to develop innovative funding solutions for states and help position agencies to comply with CMS, ONC, and other federal guidelines and regulations…. Learn more>


In today’s healthcare landscape, there is a growing emphasis on interoperability and the seamless, secure exchange of health information across integrated networks. Velatura’s modular and scalable solutions can be implemented and integrated with other industry-standard tools to help HIEs and HINs build and operate high-volume technical infrastructure and cloud-based services, all while increasing cost efficiencies. In addition to our proven services and tools, we offer advanced consulting services and strategic planning support to HINs and HIEs as they navigate the health information ecosystem and its diverse stakeholders… Learn more>

Health Plans – Commercial and Medicaid

Health Plans, both commercial and Medicaid, are an integral part of the health care ecosystem. As health plans strive to promote the efficient delivery of quality care for their members, incentives for demonstrating effective care coordination and accurate patient information across the continuum are important drivers. Higher quality care in turn leads to reduced admissions and readmissions, benefiting patients as well as health plans. Velatura offers the technical tools as well as operational and policy expertise to support these goals, including facilitating the streamlined collection and reporting of quality measures. Our unique InterOp Station gives payers a development station to address the complex challenges of closing the gap between health plans and the clinical care network to meet Final Rule requirementsLearn more>

Health Systems – National and Regional

Health systems working to achieve positive outcomes for patients require strong care coordination capabilities. Lack of standardization and interoperability poses a challenge to exchanging health information. Velatura’s innovative solutions simplify information exchange through shared services to help health systems quickly and correctly identify patients and providers, easily send and receive clinical data and encounter notifications, and overcome cost barriers. Streamlining these complexities allows health systems to focus on patients and improve care decisions and quality… Learn more>